Eat, Learn, Love Dinner Parties

Improve Your Nutrition in the Comfort of Your Own Kitchen

Chef Ali’s Dinner Parties will bring a chef and health coach to your house to throw a healthy and nutritious dinner party for you and your friends. Cooking lessons included!
Throwing a dinner party with Chef Ali and learning how to cook healthy meals in the comfort of your own home will help you make better choices when cooking at home and give you tips for healthier choices while eating out.

Our dinner parties will help you
• Understand what a healthy meal looks like
• Prepare your own healthy meals at home
• Make better choices when grocery shopping & eating out
• Learn from a chef while having fun
• Enjoy the company of good friends and good food
All in the familiarity of your own kitchen – it’s a cooking show, combined with a personalized health consultation.

How it works:
Where: Dinner Parties are available in the greater Montpelier area.
Who: Your friends or family.
How: All food, and clean up provided!

My goal is to make health-giving food fun and accessible. I believe cooking from scratch can save you time and money. I can help you make cooking a relaxing, energizing and enjoyable daily ritual. I believe food tastes better when shared and savored with loved ones around a table. Are you with me? Awesome!


3 thoughts on “Eat, Learn, Love Dinner Parties

  1. I love Ali. She is intelligent, fun and a super great chef. My friends and I Loved every minute and every bite of our dinner with her. I have already, in less than a week, used some of her recipes and am planning to incorporate them into our Thanksgiving. Bravo, Ali. Keep up with your wonderful ideas. I know another meal is in our future.

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  2. The dinner that Ali Lopez cooked for five of us was fantastic. We had asked her to use local produce as much as possible, and she came up with three outstanding dishes. Ali explained what she was doing with each dish and why she had chosen the foods she had. Her presentation of each dish was also beautiful and inviting. Each dish had complex flavors which created a feast for the tongue and stomach. Ali’s friendly and outgoing personality also contributed to a fun-filled and delicious evening, complete with some cooking tips which we all found very useful. If you are lucky enough to attend a dinner or a class that Ali is presenting, do go You will learn about foods and cooking, and you will have a very enjoyable time. I cannot recommend Ali Lopez highly enough.


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